• Hey, I'm Kiran Bulusu

    I'm a product guy with background in Semiconductors, AI , IOT and Healthcare .Specialization includes Multicore Processors , Network interfaces and switches, IPTV and set top box , Storage chips, Voice powered NLP and AI domains

  • What else I do

    Consulting, Mentoring, Advisory, Photography


    Mentor for many first time entrepreneurs and young grads in Engineering disciplines . Advise many startups and teams on product architecture in Electronics,Healthcare and Education domains and in all phases of startup.

    Consulting and Specific expertise

    Domains: Semiconductors, AI ,Consumer Electronics,Digital Healthcare , Education and AI


    Technical Leadership: Product Architecture, System Level Design, Industrial Prototyping, Data Science and Analytics.

    Team Building: Building product team and also volunteer’s team at grassroots levels across multiple cities


    Product and Project management: Project planning, schedules, risk management and product features matrix.


    Social and Content Marketing, Market Research: Designed and developed the marketing and branding strategies to build the trust and engage the audience.


    Partnerships: Developing partnerships with Component suppliers and manufacturers, ·

    Customer Development and Engagement: Develop a continuous customer engagement and discovery process that’s feedback into the product development and business model.

    Sales: All aspects of sales process including pre-sales and engagement strategies.


    In free time, I love traveling , photography, digitizing my home , reading, writing on Quora and astronomy.


  • Where to find him.

    Will connect as long as there is coffee :)